Brighton Jiu Jitsu club - Jiu jitsu Martial Arts Club in Brighton, UK based in the Universities and Brighton town center

Brighton Jiu Jitsu Club

We are back! We start training at the town club on the 7th of October.

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Brighton Town Club

Brighton Town Club

Training Thursdays 8:00 – 10:00 pm at the Brighton Ki Centre, 12 Queens Sq, BN1 3FD. Thursday sessions run all year round!
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Our club is part of The Jitsu Foundation

Our club is part of The Jitsu Foundation

The Jitsu Foundation –  with around 3,000 active members, 100 clubs in the UK and affiliates all over the world

Before you start training…

As we have just stopped training at Brighton university, we are just working out the best price we can offer to students. We’ll update this page as soon as we can.

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Lead Town Club Instructor, Simon Hewings Sensei.

Simon Hewings started jitsu in ’94 at university as a way to explore martial arts, try to get fit and also push his physical boundaries since he was recovering from a childhood arthritis. To start with he was… well, fairly appalling was how his first instructor put it. Whilst this was a fair but brutal […]

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Instructor and South East Regional Coordinator, Will Robards Sensei.

Will has been training in Jitsu since 2006 and achieved his first teaching belt in March 2013. He started with 2 years under 2nd Dan Chris Oultram Sensei of Reading University before moving to the exceptional University College London Club under the close watch of 2nd Dan James Garvey Sensei.

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Instructor, Bistra Masseva Sensei.

Our greatest brown belt since 2014, homegrown in the Brighton Universities Club with a black belt in Karate. This is one precise and dangerous woman!

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Club Instructor, Jake Walker Sensei.

Jake first set foot on the Jitsu mat at the age of 5 and has not stopped since; he achieved his first teaching belt in 2011 at the age of 16 and has won many Randoris and Atemis National competitions since then. Before moving to Brighton for his studies, Jake has trained at the Bristol […]

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Instructor, Jonny Pinder Sensei

  Sensei Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Pinder is our newest instructor ar our Universities’ Jitsu Club. He has been training under Sensei Simon at the Town Club since 2012 and recently got his brown (teaching) belt in the summer of 2018. Sensei Jonny is an enthusiastic and skilled Jitsuka. He is particularly keen on his ground fighting […]

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Jiu Jitsu Socials

We have many Jiu-Jitsu Social events that you can join in with. They can be as simple as going to the pub after a training session, but we always make sure that these socials are affordable for all and inclusive of everyone’s personal choices.

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Just come talk to us, we love to talk jitsu, and your first session or so is free

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Check out our gallery for amazing action shots!

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Club News

Our Latest News

Solo Dojo Series

8 Apr , 2020   Brighton Universities Jitsu

So due to the current viral outbreak, our very own Sensei Simon has put together a few videos.

How do we show our admiration for those we respect?

29 Nov , 2021   Nationals,Regionals

Saturday saw a great man in our style of jiu jitsu recognised for his incredible achievements and contributions. We are all delighted to see that John Harquail was awarded his 2nd dan “Nidan” – or second degree black belt.

What’s your first atemi nationals going to be like?

What’s your first atemi nationals going to be like?

The TJJF Jiu jitsu nationals are some on the largest and coolest single art events in the UK. Over 2 days you will train with more people of you same grade than you will almost anywhere else.

What is Jiu Jitsu…. to me? Part 1

19 Nov , 2021   philosophy

Simple answer – Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that utilises joint locks, holds, throws and striking to vulnerable areas to defeat aggression with an aim to use the attackers energy against them. Although my favourite short answer I have seen is: 1. The gentle art of folding clothes while people are still in them […]