The Light Blue Belt Syllabus

Ukemi Waza

  • Kibadachi to kibadachi
  • Drop from legs being pulled away
  • Kick and drop unsupported
  • Over-the-belt unsupported

Kansetzu Waza

  • Counters to wristlocks 4-6
  • Headlocks from punches
  1. Waki Kubi Gatame (Armpit neck extension)
  2. Gyaku Waki Kubi Garami (Reverse armpit neck entanglement)
  3. Ushiro Kubi Gatame (Reverse neck extension)
  4. Juji kubi Garami (Cross neck entanglement)
  5. Kuzure juji Kubi Garami (Broken cross neck entanglement)
  6. Morote Kubi Hishigi (Double-handed neck crush)

Nage Waza

Ko Tsuri Komi Goshi (Minor lifting pulling hip)

Yoko Garuma (Side wheel)

Kata Hiza Seoi Nage (Single knee shoulder throw)

Morotoe Seio Nage (Two hands shoulder throw)

Uki Otoshi (Floating drop)

Kote Gaeshi with throw (Wrist twist)

Uchi Mata (Inner thigh)

De Ashi Barai (Advancing foot sweep)

Nage No Kata

All six throws of phase one (uki otoshi, seio nage, uke goshi, ura nage, yoko guruma, uki waza)

Randori application for seoi nage

  • Uke pushes & steps forwards right, then steps back right, then left and finally right stopping to collect his balance, then pushes forwards to attack, tori amplifies this push, turning and dropping to throw seoi nage right side

Shime Waza and counters

  1. Gyaku Juji Jime (reverse cross strangle)
  2. Nami Juji Jimi (Normal cross strangle)
  3. Ryote Jime (Two hand strangle)
  4. Okuri Eri Jime (Sliding collar strangle)
  5. Kata Ha Juji Jime (Rear cross Strangle)
  6. Hadaka jime (Naked strangle)

Gatame Waza

  • Getting into Mune gatame (side control)
  • Getting into Tate Shiho gatame (the mount)
  • Maintaining and countering Tate Shiho gatame (use of base


  • Wrist-lock throws from punch and knife attacks with full application and finish
  • Cosh disarms from forehand and backhand attacks
  • Defense against metal chain
  • Defense against a knife attack to the solar plexus
  • Introduction to defences on the ground
  • Two hand to two hand wrist grabs from rear
  • Defense against two unarmed attackers with random attacks
  • Defense against two attackers armed with rubber knives
  • Defense against two attackers armed with coshes
  • Defense against two attackers armed with plastic broken bottles


Students must have completed the instructor course