The Orange Belt Syllabus

The Orange Belt Syllabus

Ukemi Waza (Falling Techniques)

  • Pegleg
  • Front Drop
  • Over-the-belt
  • Side Drop / Kick-Up and drop
  • Diving forwards roll over someone on all fours
  • Off-the-back from someone on all fours

Kansetzu Waza (Joint Locking Techniques)


  • 1 to 3 with basic put-down and finish. No throw with kote gaeshi (tori must take care of uke)

Arm Locks

  • 4 Gedan ude garami (Lower level arm entanglement)
  • 5 Hiji gatame (Elbow lock)
  • 6 Ude gatame (Arm lock)

Nage Waza (Throw Techniques)

  • Ogoshi (Major hip)
  • Uki goshi¬† (Floating hip)
  • Ippon seoi nage (One-arm shoulder throw)
  • Seoi otoshi (Shoulder drop)
  • Kouchi gari (from mae geri) (Minor inner reap)

Randori application for osoto gari

  • Uke pushes & steps forwards right, tori amplifies and re-directs to front corner to throw osoto gari front side direction


  • Use of migi shizentai (Right natural posture)
  • Kuzushi kata (Balance breaking form)

Osaekomi Waza (Pinning Techniques)

  • Yoko shiho gatame (Side four-quarters hold)
  • Kami shiho gatame (Upper four-quarters hold)
  • Tate shiho gatame (Lower four-quarters hold)


Defense against body grabs

  • Over-arm grab from the front using ogoshi
  • Under-arm grab from the front using kosoto gake
  • Over-arm grab from the rear using seoi otoshi
  • Under-arm grab from the rear using wristlock number 2

Defense against a cosh

  • Over-head attack (from 45 degrees) using koshi guruma with disarm and finish
  • Back-hand using kosoto gake or kosoto gari with disarm and finish


Knowledge and importance of warm up and cool down techniques