The Purple Belt Syllabus

The Purple Belt Syllabus

Ukemi Waza

  • Forward rolls with extended hight and distance
  • Handstand breakfall

Atemi Waza

Empi Kata (Elbow form, now 12 moves, must demo on uke as well as moving)

Kansetzu Waza

Wristlocks 4 to 6 with full application and finish

Wristlock 4

Wristlock 5

Wristlock 6

Nage Waza

Ouchi Gari from a punch (Major inner reap)

Kouchi Gari from a punch (Minor inner reap)

Tsuri Komi Goshi (Lifting pulling hip)

Kotomoe Seio Nage (Minor circle shoulder throw)

Hane Goshi (Spring hip)

Ashi Garuma (Ankle wheel)

O Guruma (Major wheel)

Osoto Otoshi from kick (Major outer drop)

Yoko Otoshi (Side drop)

Yama Arashi (Mountain Storm)

Nage No Kata

  • As taught at the phase one nage no kata course, just uki otoshi, seoinage, uki waza
  • Know the names and order of all throws and sets

Osaekomi Waza

  • Juji Gatame (Cross hold)
  • Ude Garami (Arm entanglement)
  • Ude Gatame (Arm hold)


  • Defense against a safety chain
  • Defense against a Bokken from overhead attack (from 45 degrees) and straight down
  • Defense against slash attacks to head with a knife or straight to head with a broken bottle
  • Defense against two attackers grabbing wrists
  • Defense against two attackers attacking with straight punches
  • Defense against two attackers armed with bottles


  • The student must have experience of teaching novices under supervision of the Club Instructor and must have completed the Assistant Instructor Course
  • The student must have full knowledge of terminology to the level of their grade