The Purple Belt Syllabus

The Purple Belt Syllabus

Purple Belt

Ukemi Waza

  • Forward rolls with extended hight and distance
  • Handstand breakfall

Atemi Waza

Empi Kata (Elbow form)

Kansetzu Waza

  • Counters to wristlocks 1 to 3
  • Counters to armlocks 4 to 6
  • Wristlocks 4 to 6 with full application and finish

Nage Waza

  • O Uchi Gari from a punch (Major inner reap)
  • Ko Uchi Gari from a punch (Minor inner reap)
  • Ko Tomoe Seio Nage (minor circle shoulder throw)
  • Hane Goshi (Spring hip)
  • Ashi Garuma (Ankle wheel)
  • O Guruma (Major wheel)
  • Kuke Nage (Air throw)
  • Osoto Otoshi from kick (Major outer drop)
  • Yoko Otoshi (side drop)
  • Yama Arashi (Mountain Storm)

Osaekomi Waza

  • Juji Gatame (Cross hold)
  • Ude Garami (Arm entanglement)
  • Ude Gatame (Arm hold)

Gatame Waza

Working with and/or taking the base


  • Defense against a safety chain
  • Defense against a Bokken from overhead attack (from 45 degrees) and straight down
  • Defense against slash attacks to head with a knife or straight to head with a broken bottle
  • Defense against two attackers grabbing wrists
  • Defense against two attackers attacking with straight punches
  • Defense against two attackers armed with bottles


The student must have experience of teaching novices under supervision of the Club Instructor and must have completed the Assistant Instructor Course. The student must have full knowledge of terminology.

The student must have full knowledge of terminology to the level of their grade