Before you start training…

Before you start training…

Student Special

An upfront fee of £55 will get you the Gi (uniform with badge), licence & insurance to train for the year and a terms training, (saving you £20 worth of training fees, Falmer only.)

Costs are simple and really cheap, here is the breakdown:

Brighton University Students

Falmer only: You also need the University Sports Membership Insurance. If you do another sport with the university only buy this once for all sports. The requirement put on us by the University is that you have the £13 (Bronze membership) version, but if you already have a more expensive version then you do not need to get it again, just show us the one you have.

Other Students

Falmer only: If you are a student at a University other than Brighton then just get yourself the associate membership for £10 available from the sports centre where we train.

Non Students

Falmer only: If you are a non-student then you will need affiliates membership of £30 available from the sports centre where we train.

Training Fees

Falmer, whole term prepayment is £20 for around 20 sessions or so.

Brighton town, is £5 per session (£3 for students)

Other Fees

TJF licence & insurance is £30 per year.

Gi and Badge is £25 (normally about £35, But we get a nice discount) This Gi is a Judo Gi and should last well over 5 years, time enough to get your black belt 🙂

Gradings, when we think you are ready are £15. They are in no way compulsory, and the minimum time between gradings is 3 months.