Instructor, Jonny Pinder Sensei


Sensei Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Pinder is our newest instructor ar our Universities’ Jitsu Club. He has been training under Sensei Simon at the Town Club since 2012 and recently got his brown (teaching) belt in the summer of 2018.

Sensei Jonny is an enthusiastic and skilled Jitsuka. He is particularly keen on his ground fighting (for which he won gold medals in the ground and standing fights for the 2018 Randoris Nationals competition) and is fond of a cheeky headbutt.

Sensei Jonny is a very patient and perceptive Sensei who is brilliant at explaining techniques in a way that is easy to understand. Beyond this, he is someone who loves a beer, enjoys a good laugh and is even a drummer in a band: Sweet Jonny.